About Danny


Yes Asia

Name: Chan Bak Keung
English Name: Danny
Birthday: 7th September 1958
Chinese Sign: Dog
Wesrtern Sign: Virgo
Origin: Guangdong, Taishan
Height: 5 ft 10 inch
Weight: 130 lbs (Before hospitalized)
Religion: Buddhist
Hobbies: Music, Dancing, Fashion, Swimming, Tennis
Profession: Compose music, Singing, Sketches
Education: St. Paul’s Co., Educational College, went to Canada and Los Angeles to study Design
Favorite Color: Purple, White, Black, Green
Favorite Animal: Leopard
Favorite Food: Kiwi, Spicy Food
Favorite Singer: Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson
Favorite Person: Mother
Favorite Gifts: Crystal
Regular Places: Lan Kwai Fong Coffee Shop (Hong Kong)
Favorite songs: “What You Desire In”“Take Care Yourself Tonight”
“In Smoke and rain”
“Greatest Love of All”

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